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9 November
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Smashed Prophecy: Smashed Prophecy is a graphics journal which means there's no entries about my daily life, but instead just entry after entries of graphics. Whether it be pertaining to graphics or actual graphics, it's useful to you.

About Stacey: The name is Stacey, and I love making graphics to put it simply. I play around on PSP atleast once a day just for fun. I've been designing graphics and what not for about 3 years or something like that? I'm really not all that sure. It's taken me a long time to get to the point I am now though. So to all you graphic makers who are just now starting, don't get discouraged! You'll get better, trust me.

What kind of graphics: If you haven't noticed yet, I have a very obvious liking for Harry Potter. I make mostly Harry Potter graphics in my freetime. Though you can comment with a suggestion for what type of graphics you want to see such as if you like Orlando Bloom or something you would just say "Orlando Bloom." I can't guaruntee I'll actually do whatever it is you suggested but it's worth a shot, eh?


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